Balenzia Men’s Cushioned High Ankle Sports Socks- Pack of 3


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Price: ₹ 327.00 - ₹ 274.00
(as of Sep 25,2021 22:01:24 UTC – Details)


Get the sporty look with new Balenzia Collection of cushioned sports socks. These socks are soft, comfortable to wear and does not irritates the skin.This socks is made with Cotton which can easily absorb moisture and is also able to regulate temperature efficiently .Also the cushioned sole make you feel soft and padded thus providing extra protection for the foot.

Cotton Cushioning- The natural, soft, and smooth cotton fibres give your feet the best class comfort with added support, shock absorption, and impact reduction. The cushioning reduces the shock of running or jumping and prevents foot fatigue, and the lightweight flat-knit provides a close fit for a protective second skin that prevents blisters.
Combed Cotton – The Cotton is specially treated before it is spun into fibre, as a result of which it gives an extremely soft version, i.e., Combed Cotton. The usage of Combed Cotton prevents fray, unravel, or tear of the sock, and offers a more durable, smoother, softer, and comfortable sock fit.
Extra Heel & Toe Reinforcement – Our socks are enclosed with a reinforced heel & toe with double Polyamide for strength and a non-irritating, smooth toe seam. The toe is stitched using the Italian Rosso system, giving you a seamless experience and eliminating any friction around your toes for a comfortable fit. Extensive reinforcement of thicker fibres with nylon in significant areas that sustain wear and tear ensures exceptional strength, abrasion resistance, and increased durability.
Firm Arch Compression – A strong spandex (elastane) band knit in the foot of the sock and that goes around the foot’s arch provides a firm compression. The high-quality compression renders firm pressure giving your legs the support they need for extended workdays. It also enhances blood circulation that results in less leg fatigue, achiness, and swelling.
Comfort Cuff – The socks are fabricated with a soft, non-binding cuff for extra comfort. They feature a soft-top that grips the leg gently to stay up, but not so much that it digs in or leaves tight rings around calves.
Shape Retention – The usage of high-quality Spandex in our socks provides extraordinary versatility. The strong, durable, and stretchable fibre helps keeping the socks in their best shape and helps them stretch/recover and “stay up”.


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