Devops: 2 Books Bundle ? Devops Handbook and Devops (an Extensive Guide)


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Devops: 2 Books Bundle ? Devops Handbook and Devops (an Extensive Guide)
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Book 1: DevOps HandBookAre you ready to discover how to utilize devops in your workplace?DevOps is not just a buzzword. It is a mindset that can pull your company’s problems by the root and change the traditional, core beliefs.You’re about to discover the ultimate ways to start implementing DevOps in order to decrease the deployment time and maximize the profit, this book will show you why some of the world’s largest companies have chosen to think DevOps.====================================Book 2: Devops (An extensive Guide)This book has been structured into 6 chapters as follows: -Chapter 1 delves deeper into the fundamentals of DevOps and Agile methodologies where you’ll learn all the details about DevOps. -Chapter 2 explores provide you with the big picture view of DevOps and agile methodologies.-Chapter 3 dives in the building blocks of DevOps and Agile principles where you’ll learn the philosophy behind these software development methodologies. -Chapter 4 explores software quality and how it is handled in DevOps.-Chapter 5 examines how testing strategies are applied in DevOps and agile methodologies.-Chapter 6 delves in teamwork and how the shared incentives can foster team members to work collaboratively. Get your copy today!


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