DevOps: Advanced Methods and Strategies of Using DevOps


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DevOps: Advanced Methods and Strategies of Using DevOps
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This is one of the books in the series of DevOps books that we have published recently. Unlike the first book, this is more advanced but still builds on the concepts introduced in the first book titled “Simple and Effective Strategies to Understand DevOps.”

Just like in our first book, this book will introduce the reader to advanced methods and strategies of using DevOps tools and technologies. This book will start with a brief introduction to DevOps and will explain how organizations can align themselves with implementing a DevOps approach in software development effectively.

Implementation of DevOps in software development requires an efficient application of unique methods and strategies. How you choose the right DevOps Strategy, or method to apply, is critical for the development of sustainable software development projects and enhanced collaboration between Operations and Developers.

In this book, DevOps methods and strategies will be categorized as follows:

    • Implementing DevOps for optimization.

      Implementation of advanced DevOps methods in innovation.

      Effective adoption of DevOps for organizations.

      Management of DevOps approach in organizations.

  • This book will help you understand advanced DevOps culture, how to apply the methodology in cloud computing and software development.

    Below is a list of what you will learn by the end of this book:

    • You will understand DevOps culture and its practices.

      Learn how to use DevOps tools in Software Development projects.

      How to use advanced DevOps methodology and strategies in your company.

      In-depth understanding of DevOps processes.

  • This is an advanced book that assumes you have learned the basics of DevOps from our previous book. It is meant for developers, operators, and administrators who are interested in understanding the DevOps tools of continuous integration and continuous delivery among other DevOps tools and methods.

    Who is this book for?

    DevOps is not just for the Developers and Operations team; rather, it needs all the stakeholders in the software delivery lifecycle to efficiently adopt it. DevOps is all about how they work collaboratively and communicate.

    Therefore, this book is meant for all team members in any firm who are stakeholders in the software delivery lifecycle; this spans from the owners of the business to software analysts, software architects, program designers, developers, testing units, Quality Assurance team, automation team, operations team, system and database administrators, documentation team, project managers and customers. This book is intended to be of benefit to all of them.

    Let the journey to advanced methods and strategies of using DevOps begin!


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