Docker Container Ultimate Beginners Guide: Docker Concept and Hands-On Exercises


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Docker Container Ultimate Beginners Guide: Docker Concept and Hands-On Exercises
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IT sector is one of the fastest growing and rapidly changing sectors in the world. Technologies keep inventing and re-inventing on the daily basis. Now, we are living in the world which is going through a complete digital era. There was a time when we were using physical CRT based computers and were installing operating systems using the CD/DVD drives. That era is completely outdated. Then came the virtualization era, where we ran multiple guest operating systems on the same physical host. Then it went to further improvisation level with the invention of Cloud technologies. Now, we are going through the micro-services architecture. This will keep continue in the future as well and we don’t know where it will end up. We just need to follow the latest technologies and upgrade ourselves to take out the best of all new technologies along with the time.
Many of the organizations have already started to redesign and re-architect their applications from the traditional architecture to Micro-services architecture. Docker Technology plays an important role to help us achieve and implement the Micro-service architecture-based solutions.
This book contains everything you need to get started with Docker Container technology and get hands-on skills to become a Docker Expert.
The following topics have been covered in this handy guide.
01: Before to Get Started with Docker
02: Virtualization Concept (Hypervisor)
03: Drawback of Virtualization Technology
04: Docker Terminologies
05: Docker Architecture
06: Docker Isolated Environment on the same VM
07: Container vs Virtual Machine
08: Docker Supported Platforms
09: Docker Editions
10: Docker Version Architecture
11: Installing Docker on Linux Machine
12: Installing Docker on Windows Machine
13: Working With Docker Commands
14: Managing Docker Service
15: Working with Docker Images and Containers
16: Running Nginx web server as Docker Container
17: Viewing Docker Container Logs
18: Managing Docker Containers
19: Configuring Docker in Load Balancer Mode with Docker Compose
20: Scaling Up and Down Docker Stack
21: Stopping and Removing Docker Stack
22: Other Useful Articles to Learn Docker Technology


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