How to Interview as a New Graduate Nurse and Land Your First Job as a Registered Nurse


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Have you recently graduated from nursing school and are wondering how to nail your job interview, with flying colors, quite literally and get that job you’ve been dreaming of?

And are you looking for a guide that will not beat around the bush and will teach you exactly how to prepare for different kinds of interviews so that you are 100% prepared for whatever may come throughout the recruitment process?

If you’ve answered YES, keep reading….

You Are About To Discover What It Takes To Ace A Nursing Interview With Confidence!

“Tell me about a time you had to handle a difficult patient.”

This is the one question most nursing interviewees never fail to get prepared for, and as one of them, you must have a very solid answer for this one (hopefully).

Unfortunately, even if they give the perfect answer to this question, many end up failing the interview, because it represents a very tiny part of the interview. A nursing interview is not like most interviews, and cannot be rightly treated as such. From the moment you walk into the room to how you make your first statement, the interviewers will always be looking for certain traits unique to a nurse.

The question is:

What are these traits that they look for?

What is expected of you?

How should you carry yourself and speak in the interview?

What are the questions you should expect, and how should you answer them?

What are the mistakes you should avoid?

In other words,
how do you nail the entire interview like an experienced, confident professional (even if you’re not)?

Have you been wondering the same for a long time?

I’m sure you have, and that’s why this beginners’ guide is here. You’ll learn everything you need to expect from the interview to make the right preparations, and what to do during and after the interview to get the job without breaking a sweat, literally.

More precisely, you’ll discover:

  • An overview of a nursing job interview, including its structure and objectives
  • The different types of interviews you can expect to undertake
  • How to prepare well for the interview
  • How to perform perfectly in the introduction
  • The most common questions you cannot miss
  • How to nail the closing part of the interview
  • Why body language matters in the interview
  • How to avoid a number of common mistakes
  • What to do after the interview

…And so much more!

It’s crazy to imagine yourself seated before a panel and getting hit by all manner of questions, isn’t it?

Actually, it’s so bad that many people develop terrible stress and anxiety.

But you know what? When you are one step ahead of the interviewer with enough knowledge of what to expect and what to do, at what time; and with a good understanding of what it takes to perform excellently in an interview, you’d hardly fret. Your confidence wouldn’t even allow a bit of it.

Are you ready to impress and get the job?


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