Human Resource Management: Text and Cases


Human Resource Management: Text and Cases
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This book gives a well-knitted and balanced coverage of theory, contemporary issues and practical examples and anecdotes drawn from the Indian business world. Employee empowerment, potential appraisal, succession planning, strategic human resource management, human resource management in a changing environment, HR in virtual organisations, international human resource management and leadership in the new millennium are some of the emerging and contemporary issues discussed in the book.
• Comprehensive and systematic coverage of topics
• Simple and lucid language
• Supportive examples and cases for easy understanding of topics discussed

Section I – Human Resource Management: Environment and Stratagies
1. Nature and Scope of Human Resource Management (HRM)
2. Evolution and Development
3. Strategic Human Resource Management

Section II – Acquisition and Absorption
4. Human Resource Planning
5. Job Analysis and Design
6. Recruitment
7. Selection
8. Placement, Induction and Socialisation

Section 3: Development
9. Career Planning and Development
10. Employee Training
11. Executive Development
12. Organisation Development (OD) 131–140
13. Internal Mobility and Separations

Section 4 – Maintenance and Retention
14. Job Evaluation
15. Wage and Salary Administration
16. Incentives and Benefits
17. Motivation : Concepts and Application
18. Employee Empowerment
19. Worker’s Participation in Management (WPM)
20. Employee Health and Safety
21. Social Security
22. Employee Discipline
23. Employee Grievances
24. Industrial Relations (IR)
25. Industrial Disputes (ID)
26. Trade Unionism
27. Collective Bargaining
28. Performance and Potential Appraisal

Section 5 – Control
29. Personnel Research and Audit
30. Human Resource Accounting (HRA)
31. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

32. Human Resource Management in a Changing Environment
33. International Human Resource Management (IHRM)
34. Managing Human Resources (HR) in Virtual Organisations (VO)

Section – VII – Cases from Indian Organizations


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