International Relations – Interests & Challenges for Civil Services Exams


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International Relations – Interests & Challenges for Civil Services Exams
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International relations – interests & challenges for Civil Services Exams by deepanshu Singh has been written with the belief that a civil Services aspirants time is very precious and he needs precise content that is much needed to crack these exams. The book presents concise and crisp matter based on the analysis of IR section of the past Prelim & Mains papers. The book is divided into 20 chapters covering bilateral relations with more than 50 countries/ regions. Each br>Chapter has SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat) analysis. Each br>Chapter has bilateral maps, for better understanding, useful for Prelims as well as Mains. Inclusion of more than 100 diagrams and relevant flowcharts for a holistic understanding of geopolitical issues. After every br>Chapter previous year questions have been given. Probable and expected questions for Mains and for Prelims from the topic are highlighted in each br>Chapter most of the previous year Mains questions can be answered after studying this book. Special chapters on covid Maitri and vaccine diplomacy of India have been included. Critical analysis of India’s foreign relations strictly in accordance with the dynamic nature of UPSC exams. Special chapters on climate change, diaspora and Foreign policy challenges in 2021.


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