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Java Software Solutions | Java Programming | Ninth Edition | By Pearson
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Empowers students to write useful, object-oriented programs
Java Software Solutions establishes a strong foundation of programming techniques to foster well-designed object-oriented software. Heralded for its integration of small and large real-world examples, the worldwide best-selling text emphasizes problem-solving and design skills and introduces students to the process of constructing high-quality software systems. The 9th Edition features a sweeping overhaul of Graphics Track coverage, to fully embrace the JavaFX API. This fresh approach enriches programmers’ understandings of core object-oriented principles. The text uses a natural progression of concepts, focusing on the use of objects before teaching how to write them equipping students with the knowledge and skill they need to design true object-oriented solutions. An object-oriented approach teaches students to write good software in addition to programming skills
A measured approach to objects teaches students how to use objects before teaching how to write them.
Sound programming practices show students how to write good software, not just how to program. Through examples and discussions, students learn how to solve problems and implement solutions using foundational software-engineering techniques.
New Fully embrace the JavaFX API with a sweeping overhaul of Graphics Track sections
o JavaFX coverage provides a much cleaner approach to GUI development, embracing core object-oriented principles better than its predecessor, Swing.
o Full coverage of the JavaFX approach featuring graphical shapes and controls, including buttons, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, choice boxes, colour pickers, date pickers, dialog boxes, sliders and spinners.
o Java 8 method references and lambda expressions create an easy-to-understand approach to defining event handlers.
o An in-depth exploration of the JavaFX class hierarchy provides deeper context for why JavaFX is now the preferred approach for developing graphics and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in Java.
o A detailed explanation of JavaFX properties and property binding gives a closer look at the API’s ins and outs.
o Revised End-of-chapter exercises and programming projects have been Updated to better reflect the JavaFX approach.
Fully implemented examples demonstrate crucial concepts. Because students learn best through examples, small, readily understandable examples are intertwined with larger, more realistic ones.
Updated All GUI development in the book is done “by hand” to give beginners an easy-to-grasp look at Java coding.
Updated Fresh examples and discussions throughout the book improve pedagogy and keep students engaged with relevant references.
An optional Graphics Track section covers graphics and GUIs at the end of each chapter, allowing for flexibility of coverage.
1. Introduction
2. Data and Expressions
3. Using Classes and Objects
4. Writing Classes
5. Conditionals and Loops
6. More Conditionals and Loops
7. Object-Oriented Design
8. Arrays
9. Inheritance
10. Polymorphism
11. Exceptions
12. Recursion
13. Collections.


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