Management Accounting


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Management Accounting
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The main aim of this book is to facilitate easy understanding of the matter at one reading without any tediousness in grasping the theories and illustrations . Almost all the ilustrations have ben added at appropriate places and replacing the old ones. Table Of Contents: ✦ Introduction ✦ Management Accounting ✦ ManagerialUses of Financial Statements ✦ Analysis and Interpretationof Financial Statements ✦ Ratio Analysis ✦ Fund FlowStatement ✦ Cash Flow Statement ✦Planning and Control✦ Working Capital Management ✦ Marginal Costing✦ Standard Costing ✦ Standard Costing-II ✦ Budget andBudgetary Control ✦ Capital Budgeting✦ MIS and Reporting ✦ Responsibility Accounting✦ Management Audit ✦ Prince Level Accounting.


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