Pearson IIT Foundation Series Class 9 Chemistry|2020 Edition|By Pearson


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Pearson IIT Foundation Series Class 9 Chemistry|2020 Edition|By Pearson
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IIt Foundation Series is one source of comprehensive and reliable content targeted for IIT, Olympiad and other key entrance and competitive examinations. Objective of this series is to provide authentic and class-tested content for effective preparation— to build strong foundation and better scoring. The structure of the content is designed in such a manner that it motivates students to go beyond the usual school curriculum, and act as a source to strengthen the basic concepts of science and Mathematics. The foundation Series provides a perfect blend of learning through extensive theory and practice questions infusing of school and JEE syllabus. Pearson IIT courseware is tailored to help students not only for JEE preparation supplement, but also, as a power-pact resource to build an independent and innovative career in science and Mathematics



1. Tailor made to bridge the gap between school learning and JEE syllabus.

2. Valuable information provided in the form of note boxes making learning interesting.

< p> 3. Quick recap corner at the end of the Chapter to review essential points


4. Detailed diagram, real-life microscopic images for conceptual clarity.

5. Chapter-end exercises graded based on knowledge, Application and analysis

. < p> table of Contents:

Unit 1: Physical Chemistry

Chapter 1: nature of matter

Chapter 2: Language of Chemistry

Chapter 3: Mole Concept, stoichiometry and behavior of Gases

Chapter 4. Atomic Structure

Chapter 5. Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium

Unit 2: Inorganic Chemistry

Chapter 6. Periodic Classification of elements-i

Chapter 7. Chemical bonding-i

Chapter 8. Metal and non-metals

Chapter 9: water.

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