Practice Book Chemistry For Jee Main and Advanced 2021


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Practice Book Chemistry For Jee Main and Advanced 2021
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1. The current edition of New pattern JEE problem increases the comprehension 2. New pattern JEE problem Chemistry for JEE Main & advanced is a master practice 3. The book is divided into 3 parts; Inorganic Chemistry, physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry 4. More than 8000 JEE level problem that include all types of objective questions 5. Last 5 Previous years’ solved Paper (2020-2016) 6. Step-by-step explanations given to all the question the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is one of the toughest entrance exams and making it to the cut- off list is a real fight. Jee Main and Advanced demand a high level understanding skills to interpret the solutions required and challenges one comprehension and analytical Ability to be successful at answering any question. The new pattern JEE problems Chemistry is a master practice book that aims to make students completely at ease with all 3 parts of JEE Chemistry; physical, Inorganic and Organic. Its an absolute collection with more than 8000 JEE level problems including all types of objective questions which are asked these days, in the different formats namely; single Correct options, Assertion-Reason, matrix matching, multiple Correct options, linked Comprehension based and numerical Answer Type, to hone the comprehension and analytical skills in students. At the end the book is supplied with br>Appendix and last 5 years’ Solved papers from 2020 to 2016 of both exams to give a real feel of examination. Step-by-step explanations have been provided to all questions in this book that help students to perceive the situation in the question instantly and then apply the right concepts to solve. This book seeks to develop the capability of in appreciation of the inter-play concepts in arriving at the correct answer fast, in the students. Br>table of Contents Inorganic Chemistry, physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, br>Appendix, 5 years’ questions of JEE Main & Advanced (2020-2016).


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