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Programming in Java
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Programming in Java, revised 2nd edition, is primarily designed for the students of computer science, information technology and computer applications. This edition has been updated to provide greater topical coverage as well as to incorporate Java 8 enhancements.
Starting with the basics of object-oriented concepts, the book gradually moves on to discuss all the essentials of Java. The topics covered include interfaces, packages, enumeration, exception handling, assertions, multithreading, generics, applets, event handling, AWT and swings. In addition, the last chapter provides a glimpse of advanced topics such as JDBC, servlets, JSP, Java beans and EJB.

New to the Revised Second Edition:
• Java 8 enhancements – appendices on functional programming, lambdas, method references and static and default methods in interfaces
• Enhanced coverage of core concepts – appendices on this reference, stacks and heaps, pointer versus reference variables and regular expressions
• Java 9 – the Online Resource Centre provides a prelude to the latest version of Java

Key Features
• Provides a quick recap of object-oriented programming concepts before getting started with Java
• Includes plenty of user-friendly programs with line-by-line explanations and comments to encourage self-study
• Includes key notes wherever required
• Contains a variety of chapter-end exercises to reinforce the concepts learnt

Online Resources:
The following resources are available to support the faculty and students using this text:
For Faculty
• Chapter-wise Lecture PPTs
• Prelude to Java 9
For Students
• Lab Manual
• Multiple Choice Questions
• Prelude to Java 9

Table of Contents
1. Introduction to OOP
2. Getting Started With Java
3. Java Programming Constructs
4. Classes and Objects
5. Inheritance
6. Interfaces, Packages and Enumeration
7. Exception, Assertions and Logging
8. Multithreading in Java
9. Input/Output, Serialization and Cloning
10. Generics, java.util and other API
11. Network Programming
12. Applets
13. Event Handling in Java
14. Abstract Window Toolkit
15. Swing
16. Introduction to Advanced Java

Appendix A: this Reference Demystified
Appendix B: Stacks versus Heaps
Appendix C: Pointer versus Reference Variables
Appendix D: Regular Expressions
Appendix E: Interfaces in Java 8
Appendix F: Functional Programming with Lambdas
Appendix G: Interview Questions


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