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Is creating Artificial General Intelligence like solving the chicken-and-egg problem – the objects required to create intelligence needing intelligence to function? No! An analysis of cognitive development in babies suggests that AGI is related to the solvable problem of subjective-objective dichotomy.
The subjective nature of cognition implies that cognitive mechanisms/computations cannot reside in objects that precede cognition; but must evolve subjectively – from a pre-built architectural framework. Identifying the elements in the framework and orchestrating their experience-related interactions, to create/tune subjective mechanisms, is a fascinating exercise in retrograde analysis. After this initial phase, subjectively acquiring knowledge and intelligence through training and experience will be possible.
Using the above approach, this book describes a prototype framework for True AI. With additional contributions from talented researchers, an open standard could be established to enable multi-domain knowledge acquisition. Only then, can True AI/AGI, become a reality. I invite readers to join in the pursuit of this noble Purpose.


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