Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook


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Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook
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This book is written in a Cookbook-style format and provides you with immediately useable recipes that extend the functionality of Salesforce CRM and solves real-world problems encountered within the Salesforce CRM application. The recipes in this Cookbook contain proven, step-by-step instructions along with detailed screenshots. This Cookbook has been designed so that you can read it chapter by chapter, starting with recipes that provide enhancements to the user interface, and finishing with recipes that cover data and systems integration. You can also refer to the list of recipes and choose to access them in no particular order. Either method allows you to rapidly implement solutions in your organization that extend and enhance the functionality of Salesforce CRM for your users. This book is for Salesforce administrators and developers who want to quickly incorporate enhanced functionality and extend the power of Salesforce CRM. Whether you are a Salesforce novice or a more experienced administrator, this book provides practical, step-by-step instructions in the use of hidden features, advanced user interface techniques, and solutions for process automation, plus data and systems integration. Not only are standard Salesforce CRM features covered, such as workflow and approval processes, validation rules, and formula fields, but you will also be exposed to further technologies that include HTML, Javascript, CSS, Apex, and Visualforce.


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