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SSB Interviews
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Self-learning tips and tricks for all stages of the SSB • Unique case studies from the past • Detailed, explanatory answers to all interview-related questions

Major Ravindran Vasudevan has revolutionized the SSB training activities across the country. During the course of the last two decades, he has trained thousands of candidates and led them to success.

This book deals with:
• Details of how the selection system works
• Proven self-learning tools and techniques that will enable all potential candidates to clear the SSB tests and also why the rejected candidates got something to cheer up with
• Successful stories of past students and the ways in which these can be applied for self-learning
• Unique case studies that emerged during the training of candidates
• Elaborate, evidence-based approach for learning
• Strategies and practical ideas along with leadership traits that will guide the reader to be a winner

In this book, the author argues why the selection system is not perfect. He also provides the readers with online support to help understand the various training concepts in depth.


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