The Business Owner’s Guide to Tax and Complaince: Bake Your Books Financial Framework Series Step One (Bake Your Books: Financial Framework)


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The Essential Step by Step Guide to Taxes for Entrepreneurs

As a small business owner do you feel:

  • Overhwlemed by the tax compliance requirements of owning a business?
  • Unsure of your record keeping requirements?
  • Scared of an IRS audit?
  • Confused by the guidance you’ve seen on how taxes work?
  • Intimidated by the payroll process?
  • Lost in the world of taxes and financial management?

If this is you
You Are Not Alone. Taxes are a complex and confusing part of owning a small business. They also strike fear in the heart of many entrepreneurs. Nobody wants to have an IRS agent show up on their doorstep to examine their tax returns. The guidance available to small business owners is often unclear and incomplete. Short guides that don’t provide clear explanations on the actual tax requirements for a business. Material that leaves you more confused than you were to start with. Managing your business taxes should not be this stressful or confusing.

In this book you’ll find:

  • A clear explanation of the different tax entity types, which of these your business is currently treated as, and which of these you can elect to have your business treated as
  • Your federal taxing filing requirements and guides to determine your state and local requirements
  • Workflow and procedures for each kind of business return and the supporting information returns
  • A breakdown of payroll: the hiring process, how to withhold and remit taxes, filing returns, due dates, and how benefits work
  • Preparing and organizing your business to smoothly navigate an IRS audit
  • How to find IRS guidance when you have questions
  • Common tax deductions and identifying tax breaks
  • Best practices to protect your business from fraud and theft
  • Detailed examples with clear explanations on calculations and how data is entered into the returns
  • A complete and detailed sample return for each kind of business entity. Walk through a return from start to finish for a sole proprietorship, qualified joint venture, partnership, S-Corporation, and C-Corporation
  • Checklists to help you set up an organized system for staying compliant
  • And more…

Step away from this book with an understanding of your taxing compliance requirements for your small business. As you work through this book and build your framework you will identify the best tax treatment for your business and be able to create a framework that allows you to manage all of your business filings and due dates with ease. With the complete breakdown and step by step walkthrough of sample business returns you will feel confident either preparing your own return or understanding and reviewing the business return you’ve had prepared by a professional. Empower yourself and take control of your business taxes. Allow the author to show you the recipe you need for financial success and tax compliance in your business.

This book is focused on United States based businesses and the content is based on US tax.

About the Series:

This is the first book in the three part Bake Your Books Financial Framework series where financial expert Whitney Marietti EA walks business owners through the recipe she uses to nuture profit.

About the Author:

Whitney Marietti EA is a renowned financial expert who has focused her career on helping small business owners. She provides outsourced CFO, tax planning, and tax representation services to enterprises ranging from small businesses to multi-million dollar operations. Recognizing the need for more comprehensive tax and financial management guides she set out to create Bake Your Books Inc to achieve that goal


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